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Bacteria and virus killing reusable mask that is as safe as alpine air. Keep your loved ones safe with the RivenGuard N95 reusable mask. Order yours today.
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The virus killing reusable & washable, N95 Face Mask.


Most ordinary masks only filter dirt and dust and fail when it comes to filtering small pathogens like viruses and bacteria. This is where RivenGuard is different and provides you not only with N95 grade filtration but has on-top the patented and certified LIVINGUARD® Technology that actually sterilizes the air as it passes through the mask, killing bacteria and viruses. Meaning the air you are breathing through a RivenGuard mask is as “clean as Alpine air”!


  • Reusable for up to a year and washable 30 times with hand soap & cold water with superior infection prevention for every use
  • Stays germ-free as well as metal & silver free
  • Enhanced with a valve for smoother, efficient breathing
  • Equipped with N95 grade protection specially designed for prevention from flu and influenza
  • Made of comfortable, soft material equipped for prolonged use


Some premium masks currently use filters that are treated with silver to actively absorb and kill bacteria, but they aren’t effective enough against viruses.

Rivenguard Orders


Place your orders today to ensure that you start protecting yourself and your loved ones from viruses and bacteria. Order your Rivenguard N95 reusable mask.

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Keep your loved ones safe with the Rivenguard N95 reusable mask.

Our comfortable masks have patented swiss technology that continuously captures and kills bacteria and viruses.

EC declaration of conformity
Designed with care

Virus Killing

Making a difference

Safe as alpine air


N95 filter based respirator

LIVINGUARD® cloth has been extensively tested for viral inactivation, bacteria killing, and safety at leading international laboratories

will work to inactivate coronavirus as well

protects from external contamination

protects public from infected persons

washable & reusable for up to 30 washes

* including the Swiss military lab, Swiss Quality Testing Services, Hohenstein Institute, TÜV Sud, Eawag, Product Safety Labs, Biodetek Lab, InfeXn, Biotech Testing Services, and others

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Tony Scott QSM  –  Rescue Fire Service Crew Chief,

Auckland Airport receiving the first masks in New Zealand

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4 Vinery Lane, Whangarei, 0110, New Zealand