Welcome to Rivenguard the sole distributor for Livinguard™ products throughout New Zealand and Australia. We want to make a difference to peoples welfare and health and so we bring you the N95 life-saving mask. Reuseable, comfortable and safe as alpine air.


The mask that keeps you safe all year round

EC declaration of conformity

Why respirators need antimicrobial

Germs are present in droplets and airborne suspended particulate matter → the greater the humidity and the pollution, the greater the infection risk.


  • Particulate matter filters, even those that meet N95 and N99 standards, can filter most bacteria and some viruses.
  • However, trapped pathogens are still alive on the mask and can still go through.
  • Through natural respiratory action and handling (removing, storing, wearing), this poses a greater infection risk.
  • Applying a disinfecting technology would alleviate this risk.

Why existing antimicrobial technologies pose a greater risk

Some premium masks currently use filters that are treated with silver to actively absorb and destroy bacteria, but they aren’t effective enough against viruses.


  • Silver-based antimicrobial technologies, and similar ones using zinc, copper, etc, are reprotoxic – toxic to humans’ reproductive systems and foetuses, and skin sensitizing.
  • Many silver-based antimicrobials are accordingly banned in Europe, and increasing scrutiny is underway on similar technologies by global regulators.

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